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How it works

Who has the latest testimonial?

You know how a designer may ask a copywriter or another designer or even the manager for files he can't find?

To finish the task at hand he will need to interrupt the work of other coworkers and if the file isn't there, other people may interrupt even more people so a chaos is made adding anxiety and stress to everyone day.

It's in flode, everything is in there

By using flode you will improve your teams productivity by removing interruptions and distractions when people are looking for assets they need.

Everyone will contribute to the organization of testimonial assets into one place and all the data for your customer will be seen on one page. Easily searchable and just one click away.

Support your team

For Managers

If you're a team or brand manager, give your team the support and help they need to care about the brands and products your company produces.

  • Overview of all customer testimonials and reviews
  • Remove team anxiety & stress by optimizing the workflow
  • Boost productivity & happiness by focusing on meaningful work
  • Increase focus & energy by doing things that matter
  • Organize testimonial contracts & save money by being claim complient

Get more done

For Editors

If you're a content or eCommerce store editor, you know contant updates and changes on top of changes are hard. Why not make it easy?

  • Overview of all customer testimonials and reviews
  • Use always the latest version of the content
  • Never lose or overwrite any content by using history & revisions
  • Never translate same things again and again (coming soon)
  • Easy one-click copy/pasting of text or code

Start each project strong

For Copywriters

If you're a copywriter, you know how all the input you can get at the start of the project is important and that you need to trust it's correct and can be used.

  • Overview of all customer testimonials and reviews
  • Easily find the perfect testimonial with context for your copy
  • Never redo the copy because of outdated information
  • Have all the information on one page for a customer testimonial
  • Easy one-click copy/pasting of text or code

Find what you need fast

For Designers

If you're a designer, you've probably wasted hours of your time & energy searching for those hi-res or latest assets no one knows where they are.

  • Overview of all customer testimonials and reviews
  • Search for the right visuals faster in original resolution
  • Always use the latest version of the image assets
  • See all the assets on one page for easily choosing the best
  • One click downloads of original unedited assets

Everyone wins

For Everyone

Systems, processes and workflows that are optimized help solve issues, problems and negative situations.

  • Reduce fatigue, anxiety and stress by having a workflow
  • Improve productivity by not doing meaningless work
  • Lower interruption in the workplace
  • Have ONE point of input/output for all your data & information so everyone is on the same page
  • Make a happier workplace by having people not feel like they are wasting their time searching for things all over the place

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