Improve your team productivity with organising all your user-generated content in one place

You will never search for ‘that’ file again.

[flode] is the smartest way to save your customer-generated content, testimonials, quotes, reviews, interviews, images, videos and more.

Why Flode?

Save time

[flode] will help to improve the PRODUCTIVITY of the whole team. By optimizing the work process everyone will be able to focus on the things that matter

No more endless searching

With [flode] there is only ONE point of saving, editing and downloading all your user-generated content which means no more endless file searching.

All the content is up to date

The whole team has access to the latest content, newest media files and data. By using history & revisions you will never lose or overwrite any content anymore.

Efficient and simple

[flode] is really easy to use and all the newest files are always just one click away.

Where is the latest photo of Gary?

To finish the task designer needs the latest photo of a testimonial that was given to the company three months ago. He can not find it in his files, cloud storage, emails or chat. He asks his team members but no one has that photo.

The workflow of an entire team is interrupted as everyone is now struggling to find a photo of Gary.

The photo is in [flode] with all the other files

Using [flode] you will never disrupt work process by searching for the latest files and content again. Everything will be in one place, available to all team members. No files will be lost or overwritten.

Here’s how it looks

[flode] uses an hierarchical roots system to add and organize content. Each brand has products, each product has entities and these have many testimonials.

View the app screenshots below to get a feeling of what the view layer of [flode] looks like.

Designed and developed by the people who were also struggling

The best tools are always the ones that are developed to solve real-life problems. And it’s no different with [flode]. It was developed by the team of people who were endlessly losing precious time by searching the latest files instead of focusing on tasks that really mattered.


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